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Upcoming Events

  • 9-10

    September-October 2018

    Eduvance Setup a Cypress Semiconductor Sponsored Lab at Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda, Goa.

  • 11

    November 2018

    Eduvance Setup a Lab Sponsored by ARM University Program at SGM, Kolhapur.

  • 12

    December 2018

    Eduvance is all set to conduct Winter Training Program in Industrial Python this December.


Edtech Products

Electronics using AR

Eduvance is India's first electronics training company to use Augmented reality for training in the field of Electronics Engineering.This enables the student to learn about basic electronic components like resistors, capacitors, DMM etc.

IoT Labs

Eduvance is one of India's first companies to make IoT Educational kits for students that are application based.The idea is to give the student a real world scenario where IoT is applied and then they can perform experiments on them.

Remote Labs

Eduvance is India's first electronics training company to develop its own remote embedded lab. Colleges have setup our remote labs where students can access the hardware at a convinient time and location.

Skill Development Program

Summer Industrial Training and Internship Program in Embedded Systems and IoT

IoT using Embedded Systems

20-day extensive course in collaboration with ARM University Program, Cypress University Alliance and Microchip Technologies.

Summer Industrial Training in Python Programming

Data Analytics using Python

80 Hour training that gives the student a hands-on experience on Python Programming Principals as per industry. This training is in collaboration with IUCEE and ARM University Program.

Summer Industrial Training and Internship Program in Machine Learning and Python using IBM Watson

Machine Learning using Python

20-day extensive course in Machine Learning collaboration with IBM Edtech Partner and IUCEE


Shorterm Workshops


Cypress University Alliance Certficate Course on IoT

Cypress University Alliance Certificate Course on Programmable System on Chip and Internet of Things


Certificate course on ARM mbed Platform

ARM University Program course certificate on ARM mbed 


Internet of Things using ARM

Develop your own IoT system and get going for the Internet of Things industry. Learn new exciting projects and real-time applications


Python Programming

Get started with Python - one of the most widely used scripting languages in the world


Electronic System Design and Manufacturing  

Learn PCB designing and project development - one of the most sought after skills in the Electronics industry


Patent Drafting and Filing

Get introduced to the exciting field of Patents and Intellectual Property


Industry Sponsored Lab Setups

Embedded Systems Lab Setup

Embedded Systems 
Lab Setup

Industry sponsored labs from ARM and Cypress Semiconductors

Embedded Systems Lab Setup

Lab Setup

Industry sponsored IoT Labs from ARM and Cypress Semiconductors

Hardware DSP Lab Setup

Hardware DSP
Lab Setup

Hardware DSP Labs from ARM and Cypress Semiconductors